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A-level scenic spots received over 360,000 tourist person times during the National Day holiday
Time:2021-10-12 11:20 Browse: 信息来源:慈溪市人民政府网站

How about the “business situation” of the tourism market in the cityduring the National Day holiday this year? As is learnt from the Cixi Municipal Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau, A-level scenic spots in the city received 362,700 tourist person times during the holiday. “Light tourism” and “micro vacation” characterized by short period of time and close distance are favored by tourists.

At present, Cixi boasts 7 A-level scenic spots. During the golden week of the holiday, scenic spots presented various characteristic activities to help heat up the local tourism market. The “Life Treasure Hunt Festival” and open-air film held by the Dapeng Mountain Tourism Resortsattracted tourists to get close to nature and get themselves relaxed; in the Minghe Ancient Town, melodious operas were sung on the ancient stage, and beautiful figures were retained under the grey tiles and white walls; the Shanglin Lake Celadon Cultural Heritage Park’s parent-child ceramic-making activity of “playing with clay and having fun” has attracted friends either old and young to experience together… “Tourism plus Celadon”, “Tourism plus Farming” amplify the cultural tourism effect while relying on “cultural tourism plus”.

In 2021, the tourism promotion activity of “Visiting Cixi” has further enriched the supply of tourism products and enhanced the benefit of cultural tourism for the people.Under the unified operation of the “Visiting Cixi” activity team, this year, 5 local tourism routes of “one-day tour” and “two-day tour” were presented, linking up many scenic spots such as theFangjiaHetouVillage and the former residence of the Yu’s Family. So far, more than 3,000 tourist person times have been attracted.

At the same time, Cixi strictly grasped epidemic prevention and control. The Cixi Municipal Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureauorganized a team to carry out onsite inspection on epidemic prevention and control, workplace safety, standardized operation and civilized business operation, and implemented daily report and dynamic control during the holiday, so as to ensure the prosperity and order of the cultural and tourism market.

On one hand, Cixi has been expandinglocal demand, and on the other hand, Cixi has been actively “going out” to tell more people the stories of Cixi through innovating the mode of “bowl music + promotion”. During the National Day holiday, the Cixi Bowl Music Art Troupewent to the Shanghai Oriental Art Center to hold a cross-border concert of Listening to Porcelain, which received warm responses.

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