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574,700 passengers were safely transported in Cixi during the golden week of the National Day holiday
Time:2021-10-09 11:15 Browse: 信息来源:慈溪市人民政府网站

According to statistics, during the golden week of the National Day holiday, road passenger transportation volume in Cixi accumulated up to 574,700 person times, including 15,300 shuttle passengers above the county level, 9,800 charter passengers, and 549,600 bus passengers. 82,100 passengers were transported per day. The overall passenger transportationwas safe, convenient, warm and in order.

During this golden week, the transportation department in Cixi took the lead in carrying out epidemic prevention and control and providing road transportation support, timely increased the transportation capacity of some lines according to actual passenger flows, and added campus designated lines for the College of Science & Technology, Ningbo University and the Hangzhou Bay Higher Education Park to ensure the safety, smoothness, order, high quality and civilization during the National Day holiday.

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