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Cixi starts construction of the “urban brain”
Time:2021-07-15 09:25 Browse: 信息来源:慈溪市人民政府网站

With one screen we could view the world, and with one brain we govern the whole city. Lately, the project of Digital Cixi Command Center (Cixi Urban Brain) was launched with a total investment of 73.76 million yuan and is expected to be finished by the end of this year.

As is learnt, this project is located in the plots of 04-B and 04-C of the culture and business zone and will carry out the transformation of the command hall, public service area, settled working group, and the underground auxiliary functional area of the original building, with a total reconstruction area of about 11,000 square meters. Once finished, the Digital Cixi Command Center (Cixi Urban Brain) will gather more applications and data, and become a center for displaying the achievements of digital reform in all fields, a center for monitoring all factors of urban operation signs, a full smooth command center for important activities and emergency events, and a panoramic decision analysis center for major events.

In recent years, Cixi has been accelerating the construction of a new smart city, and a large number of outstanding applications for smart health, smart education and smart transportation have emerged, which have effectively alleviated people’s daily problems such as difficulties in application affairs, seeking medical treatment, going to school and travelling. However, with the increasingly prominent problems such as relative dispersion of various kinds of wisdom, insufficient utilization of data sharing, and difficulties in the construction of projects under cross-department, cross-level and cross-business collaboration, Cixi is in urgent need of building an integrated core infrastructure platform to provide the city with supporting services, such as unified storage, intelligent computing, data collection and governance, data sharing and opening up, application collaboration, system integration and so on.

In the digital wave, the Digital Cixi Command Center (Cixi Urban Brain) will take on the new mission of supporting the digital reform in an all-round way with the new identity ofbeing the city’s integrated intelligent public data platform. Finally, it will promote the construction of characteristic demonstration scenes of joint management and joint operation of and joint services for “one thing”, and realize “one network for one-stop application”, “one brain for overall governance”, “one screen for viewing the all” and “one code for accessing all services”, so as to fully meet the needs of digital reform in the whole field for the whole subject with a whole cycle.


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