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The emergency rescue team drains water of ponding in some urban road sections in time
Time:2021-07-28 11:27 Browse: 信息来源:慈溪市人民政府网站

With the typhoon “In-Fa” coming closer, ponding places appear one after another in some urban road sections. As is learnt from the Municipal Road Maintenance Office, till 5 p.m. yesterday, a total of 63 ponding places had been found in the downtown area of the Cixi City, of which 62 had been dredged.

“In order to make full preparations for the fight against the ‘In-Fa’, special personnel have been on duty since the evening of July 23. At 6 o’clock this morning, all patrol personnel were required to be on duty.”Master Song Qibing, who has been engaged in road maintenance for more than 10 years, said, “After tasks are deployed, the working staff went to their responsible sites to inspect the road ponding according to their assigned inspection routes.”In addition to 8 groups of patrol personnel, the Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has also formed4 groups of emergency rescue teams. After the personnel are assembled, they set outand arrive at designated emergency locations respectively.

“During the inspection, we found that the road near the intersection of the North Second Ring Road and the East Third Ring Road had serious ponding, and the maximum visual water depth had exceeded 15 cm.” Ma Jianfeng, leader of the Fourth Patrol Group, said. After finding this situation, the staff immediately took strong drainage measures to remove accumulated water on the road by means of drainage pump pumping and clearing blocked rainwater inlets.After more than half an hour of enhanced drainage by emergency rescue personnel, the ponding in the section near the intersection of the North Second Ring Road and the East Third Ring Road was basically drained.

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