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People from all walks of life in Xinpu donate materials for relieving summer heat for the mobile cabininoculation site
Time:2021-08-04 11:29 Browse: 信息来源:慈溪市人民政府网站

In order to help the Xinpu Town with epidemic prevention and control, lately, under the proposal of Cheng Jiaping, Secretary of Party General Branch of the Liming Village, another 7 secretaries of village Party general branches have donated 12 sets of air conditioners in total for a mobile cabin inoculation site, out of which 6 was donated by Shen Baohui, Secretary of Party General Branch of the Yangpu Village. Cheng Jiaping said: “since the COVID-19 vaccination was launched in the Xinpu Town, the village (neighborhood) committees have fully cooperated and actively mobilized people to take vaccines. However, the phenomenon of ‘crowded cabin’ in the mobile cabin inoculation sites has followed. In the hot summer, it is necessary and a must to cool down the heat within, and we hope to contribute whatever we could to help.”

Since the establishment of the mobile cabin inoculation site in Xinpu, Party members and cadres in the town and local villages, caringresidents and enterprise, including theJianhui Electrical Appliance, Feilong Electrical Appliance, Wansheng Electronics and Bailing Refrigeration have donated 12 refrigerators, 46 cooling fans, 13 refrigerators and 15 electric fans to help the inoculation site operate with a better environment.

The Xinpu mobile cabin inoculation site has been open to the public for vaccination and medical staff, working staff and volunteers have been fighting in the front line for epidemic prevention and control.However, limited by the space structure of the venue, the lines in the venue can’t support the use of high-power electrical appliances, and the indoor temperature has brought difficultiesfor vaccination in summer.The person in charge of the Cixi Jianhui Electrical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd. said that the company has organized employees to go to the site for unified vaccination for many times, and are deeply aware of the difficulty of epidemic prevention and the hard work of medical and other working staff. As an enterprise located in Xinpu, Jianhui is willing to bear its social responsibilities and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

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